Welcome to the graveyard.
My name is Timber “Timbernator” Kataigida. I make art, I make stories, and I combine those two things into comics. I also make music in my spare time. Making comics and stories is my passion, and I hope to make that my “real” job at some point. This site is designed to put all my work together in one place. I may primarily do comics and music right now, but I plan to branch out to other media forms in the future. Honestly, it depends on how fast and effectively I can teach myself! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the internet. Relax and enjoy yourself.
The site’s content management system was coded by Josh. Go check him out, I am very appreciative of his help.  The Font “Driving Around” that is embedded in this site is being used with a purchased license. Proof can be provided if necessary.